Emergency Roof Repair

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair

Roof repairs

At Commonwealth Roofing & Siding, we realize that some roofing repairs cannot (and should not) wait. Severe storms can cause serious damage to your roof, that can lead to damage to your home’s interior if it’s not addressed immediately. That’s why we are proud to offer 24 Hour emergency roof repair service for homeowners in Chantilly VA and throughout Northern Virginia.

When disaster strikes, there are some steps you can take to limit the amount of damage caused until our roofing contractors are able to arrive. For instance, if your ceiling is leaking, you can poke a small hole in the center with a screwdriver or nail in order to help slowly drain the water instead of having the entire ceiling cave in. You should also place a bucket underneath leaking roofs in order to catch dripping water.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

If a tree or large limbs have fallen on your home, call your insurance carrier immediately. Then call Commonwealth Roofing & Siding can send out our 24 hour emergency tree removal team to safely remove the tree/limbs from your structure/s. Damaged areas of the roof will be repaired and/or temporarily covered with a tarp, depending on the recommendation of your insurance carrier.

We highly recommend homeowners avoid going up on a damaged roof, particularly when it’s wet or snow-covered. Wait until our emergency roof repair team arrives. All of our roofers are certified and trained in all of the necessary safety precautions. Stay safe and dry by leaving your roof repairs to our trusted team of professionals.

We will do everything within our ability to help you save your belongings. In some cases, this may mean placing a roof tarp over the damaged area until we are able to completely repair your roof. Your home insurance may also request that you place a tarp over the damage until they’re able to evaluate the damage.

If you’re in need of our 24 hour emergency roof repair service in Chantilly VA and all of Northern Virginia, call Commonwealth Roofing & Siding immediately at (703) 261-6656.

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