The Dangers Of DIY Roofing Jobs

Do it yourself home repair can be one of the more entertaining aspects of owning a home. It can be fun to do some minor repairs around the house every now and then. At the same time, the most important part of a do it yourself attitude is knowing when a project is too big to take on.

In many ways you can think of it like medicine. Everyone can treat a headache by getting some aspirin. But nobody should ever try to perform brain hobbyist surgery. Some home repair projects are the equivalent of taking an aspirin to treat a headache. But some, like roof repair, are more in the style of brain surgery.

The right tools for the right job

One significant reason for this comes down to tools. You might have a well stocked toolbox. But it’s almost certain that it’s not really up to the task of fixing a roof. A roof is a shockingly strong structure. It’s meant to protect the home from the full range of elements. It has to stand up to water, wind, and even high speed hail. The stronger the structure, the more difficult repair work will be.

Part of this comes from the nature of the roof itself. To properly repair roof damage, you will typically have to modify the area around it. Most home repair enthusiasts don’t have the proper tools to perform that level of work. You can easily cause major damage to the room when trying to do so with the wrong tools.

The other side of it comes down to the quality of materials used for the repair. Local hardware stores usually won’t stock the proper material to fully repair a roof. Instead, you’d be left with one area of the roof that’s considerably weaker than the rest of it. In the long run, this can actually cause more damage to the roof. People who are qualified to do roof repair or installation have the resources for the job, and the tools to actually work with it.

Avoid significant medical risks

There’s another reason to avoid DIY roof repair that’s even more important. The one thing more important than the health of your roof is your own health. People are often unaware of just how common injury or even death from falls are.Almost as many people die from accidental falls every year as from car accidents. It’s a shocking statistic. But even more so when you consider that people get in their car multiple times every day.

While they put themselves at risk for a fall only on very rare occasions. This demonstrates just how common it is for people to fall from extreme heights. And it’s even more of a concern when you consider how poor the footing on a roof is. The professionals know how to handle themselves on a roof, and can take whatever precautions are needed.

In conclusion, there are a few points you should keep in mind when considering roof repair. They demonstrate why the project is always best left in the hands of the professionals.

  • Home repair should always be limited to smaller projects
  • The professionals have the proper tools and materials for the job
  • Amateurs can easily hurt or even kill themselves when they work on a roof

Don’t take on roof repairs yourself. Contact professionals like our team at Commonwealth Roofing & Siding to handle the job.


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