How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

From file "084_PSs" entitled "PSprdm06.qxd" page 01The essence of building a home, from the largest mansions to the Eskimo’s Igloo, is to have a roof over one’s head. This is the one common characteristic that all homes have. The roofing of a home in today’s world is very essential, as it can lower the insurance premium payable on the property. Therefore, it is important to install the best roof.

When determining the cost of a new roof, contractors consider a number of factors. These factors include the accessibility, pitch, and the size of the roof as well as the materials to use.

Roofing Materials

Depending on the artistic make up, weight and durability, different roofing materials have different costs per unit. The materials used to make the roofs range from metal, copper, clay tiles, slate, wood shingles, membrane, asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles among others.

Materials that are more durable tend to cost more. This cost increases depending on the underlayment and decking materials used as well as ventilation and insulation needed.

The Pitch of the Roof

The pitch of the roof also determines the roofing materials, for example, a medium pitch favors asphalt shingles. For this reason, depending on the slope or pitch of the roof, the materials used are different. Therefore, the pitch of the roof affects the cost of the roofing.

Roof Types

Roof types differ in nature. The different roof types include flat, gable, shed, hip, gambrel, and mansard. The rule of thumb is that the simpler the roof type, the cheaper the cost. This rule puts the flat roof type at the most cost effective spot, in comparison to steeper designs with higher pitch. Sophisticated designs such as Victorian are therefore more expensive.

The additional materials necessary for roofing also affect the cost of the roof. Having the additional materials and equipment such as ladders, hammers, fasteners, drills, protective sealant materials, ventilation material, and leak barriers beforehand, would greatly reduce the roofing costs.

The Size of the House

The size of the house impacts on the amount of the materials needed, labor required as well as the roofing design. The larger the house, the more the materials needed, and this leads to a higher roofing cost.

Labor cost is crucial to roofing. If one decides to do the roofing themselves, this would cut costs, though the result would not match that of a professional and would take a longer time to complete. Hiring a professional will prove to be more cost effective at the end as one has assurance of a quality job.

Old Roof Removal

The removal of an old roof will also affect the cost in terms of time taken, labor, layers removed and waste disposal charges. A heavier, older roof will tend to have more layers, and in return would take longer to remove. This will increase the cost of disposal, hence making the whole venture more expensive.

If the old roof had hazardous materials such as asbestos, then it becomes even more expensive since the cost increases to cater for the high risk and sensitivity of the removal. The accessibility of the roof will also affect the cost of installation. Difficult access to the roof necessitates more equipment, and perhaps more labor, hence higher costs.

Extra features such as chimneys, gutters, drains, and other roofing accessories will mean additional costs since they are labor intensive. Installing a new roof is one of the most effective ways of improving the look of a home. However, many people do not know how much such an upgrade can cost.

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