How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

When you talk to homeowners and professionals alike, the prevailing belief in how to extend the life of your roof is to regularly maintain it. Spending hundreds or even less in hiring a professional to inspect or maintain your roof, will seem nominal next to estimates of $1800 to $18,000 to replace the roof entirely. Hiring a professional can also save you time and physical labor. Even if you do the work yourself it is time well spent in extending the life of your roof.

What Does Maintaining Involve?

A roof should last twenty or more years depending on the quality of materials and the quality of the workmanship. In order to make this your reality, regular checks of your roof are in order. How often this is depends on how old your roof is and the condition that it’s in.

So what is your part in all of this? The actions that you take are fairly simple, but can take some time and diligence.

Clear your gutters

Leaves can fall all year but of course most heavily in the fall, if you live in an area with lots of trees or after a rainstorm or heavy winds. Wet leaves can add weight to the gutters, possibly pulling it away from the house with enough accumulation. Check for branches, especially during a storm. Water in the gutter can drip down into the basement or possibly be drawn into the roof gradually causing rotting.

Inspect your attic

As mentioned above, cluttered gutters can gradually cause damp spots in your roof or pooling which may result in more extensive damage. This is a chance to check for leaks in your roof or mold. The quicker you can find and attend to these issues may eventually save you from more extensive damage and astronomical expense.

Trimming your trees

Trees around your home can have overhanging branches which can add to a buildup of branches and leaves. It could also give easier access to squirrels and other animals. Consider a professional tree trimmer.


If you have skylights, debris from leaves and branches can accumulate here.

If you are able to check your roof safely, via a ladder, it will give you the opportunity to inspect for broken or torn away shingles and determine if there are holes in the roof. However, it is always safer to let a professional do this, most especially if your roof is difficult to access.

Repairing or Other Means of Maintaining

There may be other ways to extend the life of your roof. It all depends upon the condition that it’s in. Roof coating is one means of keeping your roof in shape. Simply replacing shingles can also be something that you need. Whatever the case, do research on the methods and also researching the contractors. It helps to give you peace of mind.


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